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The military uniform code requires that the earflaps always remain tied up at the top for extra decorum. The soldiers who have to spend long hours in bitter cold when they are out on patrol or guard duty have found a solution to this problem. The successful military design soon became a runaway success with civilian Soviet hatters.

Most of the Soviet men owned at least one such hat, made of fur, deerskin, beaver skin, and other materials. These tall and flat knitted hats look like a cockscomb, hence their name. Many were emblazoned with the word Sport, or decorated with fir-tree or reindeer patterns.

Hillary Clinton trolls Donald Trump with Russian hat.

Quite a few also had a pom-pom or a bobble at the top. The design arrived to Russia from Central Asia and the Caucasus; the Russian Cossacks in Kuban were the first to appreciate its merits. Many Russian women have inherited them from their mothers, who often stored them on top of tall round jars, to keep the shape and avoid any damage to the fur. The Irony of Fate: How to understand Russians.

Cossack Fur Hats

A combination of a fur coat and a fur hat is considered a faux pas among Russian fashionistas, although nothing beats it for sheer warmth. Ushanka, meanwhile, isn't giving up without a fight, either. In fact, it has made it into the winter collections of such famous brands as Paul Smith, Bally, and Ralph Lauren.

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Ushanka - Russian Fur Hat - Military

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