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Geneva on the Lake. Oakwood Village. Orchard Lake. Westbrook Senior Village. Westbrook Village. Willowbrook Place. Woodside Terrace. Ohio Total. Blazing Star. San Antonio. Boulder Ridge.

The Billionaire of Aspen Estates

Branch Creek Estates. Chisholm Point Estates. Comal Farms. New Braunfels. La Hacienda RV Resort. Oak Crest. Pecan Branch. Pine Trace. River Ranch. River Ridge. San Marcos. Summit Ridge. Woodlake Trails. Texas Total. Arbor Terrace RV Park. Ariana Village Mobile Home Park. Ande began working in the financial industry over twenty-four years ago as a Financial Strategist, specializing in personal finance and wealth building for individuals and business owners. Her skills led her to become a prominent speaker and thought leader in the financial services industry; having coached and developed thousands of financial professionals.

After serving in various leadership positions throughout the financial services industry, including running a multi-million dollar fintech company, Ande felt it was time to do something that would make a profound difference in bridging the confidence gap between women and their money. Adam Holt. Adam is known for his early adoption of technology to build trend-setting client experiences. This mindset let him to found Asset-Map, LLC, a fintech firm dedicated to creating engaging visual communication tools used throughout the customer and advisor journey.

Attire: Business. Maria Ferrante-Schepis, and her team will dive deeper into the thinking shift discussed on the main platform. This workshop will give participants a chance to practice new skills and habits with real scenarios, and take away valuable tools and frameworks to apply immediately. Maria Ferrante-Schepis.

With over 25 years as an executive in the insurance and financial services industry, Maria is focused on innovation, recognizing the significant public and government demand for change. Her mission is to enable like-minded professionals to proactively shape their own future, versus having it shaped for them by outside disruptors. In , The National Underwriter magazine named her one of the 20 most creative people in insurance. The Millennial has changed the game.

Most managers are not delivering what the Millennial desires in a career. Poor production and premature failure is the result. Learning to deliver what they expect is far different than what you are being told or what you probably believe. Accurate facts and strategies matter! Jim is passionate about helping advisors to transform their potential into performance.

You will leave with practical, tangible take-aways that you can use with the reps you train, develop and lead around critical aspects of the sales process — and your own beliefs in the power of this career strengthened. Based on research by the GAMA Foundation, this session identifies key strategies for increasing retention and keeping new advisors engaged with the role, your firm and the profession.

Topics include:. Stephanie Rivas. Stephanie has been with Prudential for 19 years and is a 3rd generation Prudential employee- both her Father and Grandfather worked for Prudential in the field, as well as her step-mother who was on the Operations staff for almost 20 years. Travis produced a proven track record of industry accomplishments. He quickly became a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table and received a number of other industry and community awards. Travis eventually assumed a leadership role and achieved multiple management accolades. In , Travis opened a new location and focused on building a production and sales team in Southern California.

Attire: Business Download Powerpoint. There is an undermanagement epidemic in our financial services sales offices. The actions and behaviors of our managers reflect this. To build an office with a culture you can be proud of and the results you need, a new approach is required. Join Jonathan Schjott in this informative session as he explains how taking a development first approach will lead to greater production, retention, satisfaction and will enhance culture in your branch.

Jonathan Schjott. Developing others is what drives me. Today, I partner with advisors, managers and leaders with a deliberate focus on helping them be more effective. I help them refine vital soft skills, build on industry knowledge and deconstruct trends to help them hit the expectations I know they can achieve.

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This is what motivates me. I am also focused on putting my passions to good use by supporting organizations that I really care about. One approach is to try tangible tools, such as a fresh marketing approach or new client relationship management system. However, the most critical tool for success may be intangible.

It is the mindset you bring to your business and your role as a leader. My presentation will educate attendees on the characteristics of a growth versus a fixed mindset and how one can drive success while the other can potentially contribute to underperformance in both your professional and personal lives. Elizabeth Hiza. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has been dedicated to the growth and development of the advisors and associates at Barnum.

Elizabeth has spoken at many firm and industry events and has contributed to national and local publications, providing insights on leadership, marketing and general agency building. Location: Grapevine B Presented by: J. The speaker will talk about associate development and leadership development and discuss how this platform can be used to develop more advisors and grow more leaders.

Crowel, CFP. During his time in management, J. At Tulane, J. Location: Fort Worth Presented by: H. Adam Holt will share his founder story from financial professional to fintech CEO and the important lessons learned for innovating in our industry. The session will conclude with a brief innovation framework on how to look for critical innovations in your own organizations that you can implement now. For the past 20 years Adam has been a wealth management professional instrumental in bringing innovative practice management technologies to his organizations.

Adam is the CEO and Founder of Asset-Map; a visual technology platform used by thousands of financial professionals globally to engage clients in a holistic discussion of their financial condition. As companies are facing the threat of disruption from the outside, many are taking a bold approach to disrupting from within by building a team of intrapreneurs to drive innovation.

In the breakout, Lean Innovation: Empathy, Experience and Evidence you will discover how the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop can alter the way you develop new products, services, and raving fans with fast iteration and customer insight. You are a successful leader and passionate about mentoring, developing, growing and inspiring successful advisors to create a career of significance and become the best, passionate version of themselves. Location: Ft. Technology and diversity of people are the two most critical factors that business leaders must manage effectively. This session will focus on developing a clear approach to tap into growing diverse segments, while embracing technology as a part of your agency culture.

Tariq Khan will share a step-by-step approach to plan your growth in diverse segments. Participants will walk away with significant knowledge of growing opportunities and a tactical approach to take advantage of these opportunities. Tariq will share a plan to grow your agency significantly over a 3 year period. You will also learn useful tips on transitioning from a manager to an effective and disruptive leader.

Tariq Khan. Tariq is an international public speaker, and recognized leadership coach with a year track record of growing diversity in the financial services world. The client list for these companies includes major Fortune companies and top international and domestic business leaders. Before starting GDM in , Tariq spent 15 years in senior leadership roles for major insurance companies. Tariq is credited with developing and leading the largest diverse sales force in the financial services industry. His coaching method includes developing a sustainable business strategy that leverages the opportunity to grow your firm by attracting more women, millennials and multicultural talent, and using technology to your advantage.

Tariq believes in the importance transitioning effective managers into transformational leaders. Tariq serves on the Board of Directors for three leading non-profit organizations, and is on the Board of Trustees at Stratford University. Vince Vitiello. Vince is a senior executive with over 30 years of strategy, marketing, and sales experience.

Vince is recognized as the business expert regarding multicultural marketing and diversity. Come prepared to bid and win! GAMA International created the First in Class Award in to recognize first-line leaders in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry who have led their agencies or firms to the number one position in their company during the preceding year.

Recipients are nominated by their home offices, and each company determines the criteria it will use to select its nominee. Multiple nominees may be eligible for companies that segment distribution by market size or use a benchmark value proposition for their distribution systems. Companies are urged to nominate field leaders who excel as leaders in both their careers and their communities. The Frontline Excellence Award, which debuted in , recognizes field leaders who have shown exemplary performance in their current frontline positions and are considered to be emerging leaders in their companies.

The recipients of this award serve to remind us where we will find the next generation of industry legends. Over breakfast, hear how Bedoya transitioned from a career in banking to running a successful financial services practice. Regina Bedoya. Having worked in financial services since , Regina has spent the last 20 years helping her clients achieve financial security. Regina is committed to providing sound financial advice and exceptional customer service. Her mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals through a systematic process which includes values-based goal setting, application of specialized knowledge, development and implementation of an action plan, and periodic monitoring of its progress.

This session will cover the importance of Strategic Planning for Agents and Managers from the Long Range Vision to the Daily Activity and will provide deep insight to why most goal setting fails and cover methods to avoid common traps. The Mobile App, Tier 25, has been proven to change habits through real time monitoring of activity. This immediate feedback is changing behavior. John Baier has 35 years of experience as a Managing Partner and also has served as a company executive. As Managing Partner, he built a scratch agency into one of the premier agencies in the world.

John has more than four decades of experience in the insurance industry. He was a managing partner for New York Life for 35 years also served as a company executive. A well-rounded strategic planner, he excels at recruiting within the financial services industry. He also spends his days coaching, consulting, overseeing operations, and business development.

He attributes his success to his systems, hard work, training, experience, and business acumen. Keeping Advisors from Failing! Who is tired of training people and watching them fail? We need to win here. Matt Foxhall. He is keenly focused on empowering his people and building a culture where his Advisors are the best-trained, most prepared in the market. We will cover the mindset of a new advisor in their first year in the business. How to understand them, guide them and be most effective as their coach and mentor.

The audience will learn how to be a trusted coach and still create discipline, transparency and a desire to succeed. Following this method will allow the manager and new advisor the right amount of accountability to develop their relationship naturally and successfully. Jason McMahon. In , he was appointed director, business development, in the Peterborough Financial Centre where he had success developing financial security advisors, building a practice and volunteering in the community.

Jason was responsible for the field management value proposition, new advisor value propositions, field relations and field development departments working closely to implement initiatives focused on development for advisors and field managers. As field managers, we are always looking for ways to improve our production and impact retention.

In these changing times, it can be difficult to put a process in place to shorten our time to success. In this session, we will be sharing our success formula to ensure that you are developing your team and coaching them to act with intention as we show you the keys to redefine success. Participants will be able to recognize and identify the distractions that prevent you and your team from reaching their full potential.

Attendees will analyze what the key activities are with regards to production. They will also evaluate what daily activities are non-negotiable and clarify what activities serve their goals. Do you want to improve your production and increase retention? Sally Arkell-Boles. With more than 20 years of corporate and business leadership success, Sally has a passion for helping others create a life on their our terms. As a leader and managing partner in Training, Technology and Financial industries she has had the pleasure of coaching entrepreneurs, and leaders, while achieving global recognition.

Kristine Sales. Kristine has risen to the top in her industry globally in sales. A natural leader and inspiration to professionals, Kristine loves partnering in the development of entrepreneurs and leaders. She has a teaching degree which has afforded her an opportunity to excel in the Education, Sales and Finance industries. She is an entrepreneur with a success pattern that is most effective in creating results quickly!

Technology allows us to get access to information, but the advisors need a way to initiate action for the client on a relatable level. I will show exactly how I built a multi-million dollar practice by harnessing my relationships and using the internet social media to my advantage, as well as how your advisors can achieve the same.

See a Problem?

Stats fail, stories tell, and agents sell. They will leave with language, process, and tips they can apply to their practice. Eszylfie Taylor. Eszylfie Taylor is the founder and president of Taylor Insurance and Financial Services located in the financial district of Pasadena, California, and serves as financial advisor to individuals, business owners, and high net worth families. Early on in his career, Mr. Taylor had a breakthrough that centered around how to improve his market and focus on solving problems, not selling products.

Through all the success, Eszylfie has continued to contribute to his community. Since , his nonprofit, Future Stars, has been hosting a basketball camp for underserved youth in the community, instilling in them the tools he uses to achieve success: hard work, perseverance, integrity, and sacrifice. You all have a strategy for developing sales opportunities, steps that usually start with a needs analysis which eventually leads to a presentation.

And your prospects also have a strategy for controlling the buying opportunity and dealing with sales professionals. What happens when the two strategies collide? Whether they make the sale at the end of the dance is ultimately decided by who leads the dance. You will walk away with concepts and strategies that will enable advisors to take control of the selling process, to sell the way people buy and qualify prospects to sell more and sell more easily. Glenn Mattson. Glenn is an extremely sought after keynote speaker, a gifted and respected platform trainer, coach, advisor and author.

To be the leader others want to follow and to avoid being seen as a commodity this question MUST be answered. Ironically many leaders are looking for answers in the wrong place. What differentiates you from your competition is YOU; how you talk about what you do and more importantly WHY you do it. The most effective way to share your WHY is through a specific method of business storytelling. Deirdre Van Nest.

But is a watershed year that brings a wholesale transformation of our association as we adopt a new modernized structure and refocus our advocacy, education and motivation efforts. As the professional association for all advisors, from those just joining the profession to those with decades of experience, NAIFA advocates for a positive legislative and regulatory environment in Washington, D. NAIFA also has an unparalleled track record of success protecting and promoting the industry, the profession, our members and consumers.

Kevin Mayeux. Mayeux has served as an association management professional for 20 years, including serving as the executive director of a statewide trade association in Tallahassee and CEO of an international individual membership society in Indianapolis, as well as practiced law in Central Florida. Kevin continues to serve his alma mater as a member of its national alumni board. Stacey Hanke. We all want to enhance our influence…but what if we are sabotaging our influence without even knowing it? This session will give you a proven, step-by-step method for creating influence that moves people to action long after an interaction is over.

Bonnie Godsman.

Godsman joined GAMA International 16 years ago, where she rose through the ranks to become vice president for corporate and business development. Michelle Hubert. With over 27 years in the financial services industry, Michelle has developed a passion for professional development which has positioned her to help those she serves to attain operational and leadership excellence.

Sandy Eichel is a Wealth Management Advisor, a professional speaker and a diversity and inclusion consultant. She frequently speaks at corporate functions, professional conferences and diversity summits around the country, where she shares her story of how she found her authentic self and how it profoundly improved her life on both a personal and professional level. Several magazines and newspapers, including a November edition of the Wall Street Journal, have published feature articles about Sandy and her work.

Sandy devotes additional time to raising money for various charities, which lead her to create a non-profit initiative to benefit underprivileged elementary students in her hometown of Madison, WI. Curtis Scott. From cars, to bikes, to autonomy, to the future of work he has been at the forefront of risk and urban mobility. Prior to shaking up the world with ridesharing insurance, Mr.

He previously worked for Allstate Insurance Company where he advanced through a variety of legal and product roles within the Allstate group of companies Allstate, Esurance and Encompass.

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  • He frequently lectures on insurance and contract law and has served on the faculties of Loyola University of Chicago and San Francisco State University. Aprille Trupiano. Aprille Trupiano, is described by audiences as being bold, straightforward and high energy. Aprille has been in and around the financial services industry for over three decades, having held registered professional licenses, and draws on her experience of building highly successful businesses nine times over. Tim Maguire. As Chairman of Karr Barth Associates, Tim manages more than financial professionals and maintains a growing client practice.

    He works with a dedicated team of professional advisors and staff in the industry to serve over , households and businesses throughout the tri-state area. He spends a lot of his time in leadership development and recruiting the best talent. Paresh Shah. That is the question, Paresh Shah asks each of us to ask ourselves, as leaders and as global citizens.

    Colorado Architecture Design #72 - Seamless Transition by Jeffrey Berkus Architects - Aspen, CO

    Lifters are everyday ordinary leaders that uplift their co-workers, customers, community and their companies — — together. Lifters are the type of positive, purposeful leaders that organizations now need in order to engage clients and teams, innovate and lead with purpose. Paresh will share how practices like Lifter Leadership can help deliver Paresh is co-founder of Lifters Booth , a global leadership, engagement, innovation and mindfulness training company. Based on his popular TedX talk entitled, Lifter Leadership, traditional and cutting-edge organizations alike, are adopting the 4 Lifter Leadership Mindshifts to address their biggest challenges — engagement, innovation and leadership.

    In an age where we have disparate legacy technology platforms and systems, digital transformation is a tremendous opportunity to be cutting edge and grow your market share. The modern consumer wants it quickly, easily, seamlessly and most importantly, the way they want it. She has been in and around the financial services industry for three decades, including holding registered professional licenses in some fields.

    Aprille lives in the US and Italy, working between her offices in St. Louis, Italy and Switzerland, speaking and providing consulting, training and coaching. The key to calming the chaos we all find ourselves in at different points in our lives, is creating a framework that takes us from knowing to doing. Her adult sons Cayle and Braydon live in Manhattan as well. She is also co-author of the book; Yes You Can!

    Stacey is the founder of Stacey Hanke Inc. She has trained and presented to thousands to rid business leaders of bad body language habits and to choose words wisely in the financial industry to the healthcare industry to government and everyone in between. Her team works with Directors up to the C-Suite. In addition to her client list, she has been the Emcee for Tedx.

    This workshop will be an engaging, entertaining, and actionable session where attendees will leave with the tools and understanding on how to become a highly versatile and adaptable leader. Most leaders rely on the same style of leadership for every person and every situation. Attendees will learn how the best leaders assess readiness, and other factors, to identify what type of style will be most effective.

    Prepare for an impactful session that will deliver immediate results! He earned the Outstanding Leader Award and Diamond Ring Club honors, through numerous accomplishments including bringing the Hartford, CT office from to 1 in the country. John is a frequent speaker at universities, companies, and organizations on topics ranging from Leadership to Personal Achievement.

    Our interactive session will show LAMP attendees how to frame and present information in a more captivating and compelling way. Debra Jasper. Dick is the Founder and President of FSEdNet — Financial Services Educational Network, LLC, specializing in virtual video based training platforms which helps launch, retool and re-energize financial professionals, managers, associates and staff in the financial services industry.

    Join us to learn about our 12 month or 6 month study group opportunities. Open to all field leaders who are interested in connecting with their peers to up their business, their teams and themselves. Dan Hoffman is an entrepreneur who failed twice, succeeded once, and is starting from the beginning again. From he built and then sold M5 Networks, a pioneering Voice-over-IP cloud communications company serving businesses. During this time he was chosen as a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute, a program that pushed him to work on the opportunity to improve education and learning.

    He recently returned to Brooklyn, NY, and started Circles Learning Labs, with a mission to connect the world deeply so people can learn and grow together. Dan has become an in-demand speaker and writer on peer learning and coaching. He is the full-time CEO of Circles. Jeff Johnson. Jeff held a dual role as the Regional Director over a 6 state region It is not enough to simply communicate, we must use technology to connect!