The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope!

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David B. Stein , Ph. He is a bestselling author and has won numerous national and international awards for his writing and research. I was not the same after reading this book. It convinced me of the need for change and reform in my profession as a clinical psychologist. This book will dispel much of the diet of myths mental health professionals are fed in their training. Stein not only offers new concepts and ideas, but an entirely new Zeitgeist that I believe can lead psychology in a far more fruitful direction.

Stein in this and his other writing has taught me that much of the assumptions in the psychology business are erroneous and mythical. He is one of the clearest thinkers that I have ever been blessed to meet. This book goes farther and deeper than he has ever gone before.

The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope!

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Sign in. The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope! He also explores the weaknesses inherent in APA accredited doctoral programs and what changes may help improve the effectiveness of the psychology clinician. This book introduces an easy to understand and innovative visual model that integrates all of clinical psychology and far surpasses any previous attempts at developing models. The author also challenges the recent resurgence of the disease model for diagnosis as well as the politics and economics that lie behind its current popularity.

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The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope! -

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