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Two thousand pages of evidence detailed an extensive network of criminal activities. They also collected large sums of protection money.

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How did the border between justice and crime become so blurred? When two New York City police detectives were charged by federal pro-. Close ties between law-enforcement agencies.

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Recent cases show that misconduct and corruption among police forces can also help terrorists. This chapter investigates the informal ties between members of organized. Before laying out the results of our analysis, we describe the general context, giving an overall picture of the site where our research was conducted and analyzing the organized crime situation in Tatarstan and its capital city, Kazan. Search all titles. Search all titles Search all collections.

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Let the emotions you picked up from your previous client or experience wash down the drain with compassion and care. Your hands are important instruments for caring.

Take a moment to care for them. Notice how one hand washes and dries the other.

One Hand Washes the Other: Madeline Bishop

Maybe even massage a little moisturizer into your skin. Then set your mind to being open and fully present to the next person you meet. Her words were a gift. Hand washing morphed from a tedious chore to a welcome pause, an anchoring ritual. I replaced the harsh antibacterial cleanser at my office sink with a bar of lavender soap.

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Of course, I often lapsed into washing my hands automatically and mindlessly. Eventually I would find my way back to being present to myself for those brief moments at the sink, simply because it made such a difference.

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I noticed that even a day that started off badly could get back on the rails if I came to each new appointment calm and fully present. Since transitioning from health care to a career in counseling, hand washing is less of an imperative.

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Yoga and mindfulness have integrated simpler re-centering techniques into my work with clients, such as taking a deep breath, allowing a moment of silence, or even drinking a sip of water. That being said, and perhaps it is ever the nurse in me, mindful hand washing is ever in my mind a valuable clinical tool.

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