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Schools and communities connect, collaborate, and create. Children and families have an array of supports from community partners right at their school. Communities and schools leverage their shared physical and human assets to help kids succeed. Engaging Instruction.

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Expanded Learning Opportunities. College, Career, and Citizenship. Health and Social Support.

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Community Engagement. Early Childhood Development. Family Engagement. Youth Development Activities. A lack of suitable facilities for menstrual hygiene management can result in girls regularly missing days at school Roose et al. The growing recognition of the central role of sanitation for all aspects of human development has been mirrored in a UN General Assembly resolution which, in December ,1 defined water and sanitation as two separate rights for the first time, as well as in the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs , which include the ambitious aim of universal access to improved sanitation by , with targets that include the elimination of OD UN, Many countries are making sanitation a political priority, and some have set ambitious targets for creating ODF nations, some with detailed roadmaps of how to get there.

While the recognition of the huge potential of sanitation for improving health, wellbeing, and child development provide important fuel for the drive to sustainable sanitation for all, achieving this goal is going to need significant and rapid change within the sector, particularly in relation to reaching the poorest, where progress has been by far the slowest. We also need to ask, what will it take to turn them into effective long-term solutions? The WASH landscape has been changing subtly but noticeably over the last few years.

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CLTS has proved most effective to date in tackling the sanitation challenge at scale, becoming more and more accepted, integrated into national policies, and used in a wide variety of contexts by a multitude of actors. However, the last few years have challenged the sector to look beyond the ambitions of the MDGs and examine who is not being reached by efforts to increase access to sanitation. The WASH sector is recognising the need to become more diverse and cross-cutting in response to this complexity, with general acceptance of the need for a menu of different approaches that can either be integrated with one another or used in isolation.

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More and more, programmes and professionals are moving towards not being proponents of one approach over the other, but are instead arguing for the need to look closely at the context and situation to inform decisions about what approach, or cocktail of approaches and interventions, to use. To get an up to date idea of CLTS in practice the challenges as well as innovations that are at play, take a look at Sustainable Sanitation for all: Experiences, Challenges and Innovations.

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An update on progress here: First of all, a sincere thank you to all the folks who filled out the survey. Think of this as generating fixed-layout documents optimized for printing and archiving, such as PDF and Word files. Currently there are existing methods of doing this today on the platform. Long term, the strategy here for PowerApps is to become more integrated with PowerBI to allow a common report generation story for the platform.

We hear you that there will always be a need for having a readable output and archiving whether it is all digital or still requiring paper. This request also came from people who were leveraging SharePoint and other data sources without reporting capabilities. These options are available today but require some knowledge of HTML and some effort to accomplish.

The plan is to provide a simple way to export the contents of a printable screen to a PDF from a canvas app, primarily focusing on the export form scenario. This allows users who use all different data sources to create PDFs using skills they know. These features can be found in the Report generation solutions provided in Number 1. Now, the work on this particular item has already started, and we have been working on the infrastructure to enable this capability.

This is a complex problem, with a lot of different requirements and this is expected to be delivered in PowerBI Paginated Reports have this as a capability. In canvas apps, you can connect and write to excel today through a connector to write to the templates needed.

Additionally, most data sources themselves CDS, SharePoint and others have the capability to export data to excel. PowerApss does not support folders in SharePoint lists when creating new items. Currently, when you create a new item using a SharePoint list customized form, PowerApps does not support list folders. Meaning, it is always created at the root level of the list regardless of the folder you are in when you create it.

To avoid the limit of items in lists, when often use folders.

But if PowerApps cannot place newly created items in folders So, if you could please provide PowerApps with the support of folders, it'd be great. Thank you, Audrie. See more ideas labeled with: folders SharePoint List Item. This dropdown thing has to go. How about using Monaco?

Let Powerapps connect to a Document Library. Submit captured image to SharePoint List. Sadly, don't have a timeline due to the complexity of the problem. See more ideas labeled with: Image SharePoint List. Free PowerApp login for External Users. Medical research institutes conducting research studies will really benefit as participants who volunteer in these research can use the powerapp share data.