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Who remembers that lateral thinking quiz with the Egyptian hieroglyphs? Well Only Connect is back tonight at half 8! And not a footballer in sight onlyconnect. QuizMistress QuizQuizQuiz Latest picture of the accused partner and his wife, with conclusive proof that he was hacked pic. Law firm quiz scandal: rollonfriday. Friday quiz today, includes the words "Bastardised gibberish" in the answer explanation.

Ian Bayley.

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of some of Britain's biggest songs and stars.

Barbara Thompson. Barbara pips Mark to 3rd place by virtue of her triumphs in three different shows. Mark Grant.

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Roger Pritchard. Those with 3 wins are: Pat Gibson. Daphne Fowler. David Stainer. Thank you — will take a look and update.

I see that Geoff Thomas has won bra of Britain. Did he receive 2 cups Reply. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute!

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British actors are often cast as the baddies in Hollywood movies. A: Alan Rickman. B: Jeremy Irons. C: Vincent Price. D: Leslie Grantham. British inventors are some of the most ingenious in the world. A: The cuckoo clock.

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B: Cats-eyes for roads. C: The Dyson vacuum cleaner. D: The wind-up radio. At the last night of the Proms, the audience traditionally joins in with which song?

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A: Rule Britannia. B: Abide with me.

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  • C: Stand by me. D: I should be so lucky. Britain has never completely embraced metric measurements like grammes and kilometres. A: the furlong.

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    B: the bushell. C: the quart. D: the country mile. What is the Queen Mother's official residence in London called? A: Clarence House. B: Windsor Castle. C: Kensington House. D: Claridge's. Which of these rock bands is NOT British.

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    A: Oasis. B: U2. C: The Rolling Stones. D: Status Quo.

    Only of one of these Shakespeare plays is set in Britian - but which one?