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What did yoda tell the snowman when he found out he had tunnel vision? All icy is you! I legit thought of this joke when i was like 10 and im so proud i remembered it. What was the snowman doing in the carrot section of the grocery store? Picking his nose. Where does the abominable snowman put his money? In the snowbank.

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Why did frosty the snowman quit drinking? Every time he went out he got plowed. Have you guys heard of the snowman who was a comedian? His name was Bill Brrrrrrr. What does a snowman with a mental illness have? I prefer to do a snowwoman instead of a snowman That way I know I will make some woman wet when spring comes. What happened after the Yeti did sit ups? He became the abdominal snowman.

What do you call a snowman that disagrees with everything?

Beware, the Snowman

I made my first snowman today It was so white it's already been nominated to Trump's Cabinet. What kind of escorts does a snowman hire? What do they sing at a snowman's birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow. Why is it quicker to build a snowman than a snowwoman? It takes too long to hollow out her head. I got this one from my uncle.

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Why did the snowman smile? He heard that the snow-blower was in town.

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Why was no one sad when the headless snowman melted? He was a snowbody. I told my friend to stop telling jokes about the Abominable Snowman Yeti still does. PIXAR does a ton of stuff really well.

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This is pretty obvious. They also love to stick to a few of their favorite voice actors, and from what I've heard, one of their go-to's and good luck charms, even is one John Ratzenberger. It's and it's the classic era of Chuck Jones's run on the Looney Tunes. So what new character could possibly be introduced that hadn't already been done?

There were vampires, witches, Pumas How about an Abominaba-ble Snowman?

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And so it was. Hugo was born. When it comes to Abominable Snowmen, there are some you remember, some you forget, and some that are so classic and ingrained in our collective psyches that they've pretty much become the definition of the term. Even if it's a holiday special that's only on during December just a few times, The Bumble still stands as the best Abominable ever.

Marshmallow is an enchanted snowman, and the personal bodyguard of Elsa the Snow Queen. Maybe he could punch Elsa in her frozen mouth so kids would stop singing that damn song. Doctor Who and the Abominable Smowmen Way back in when Doctor Who was still in its, let's say toddler years, Patrick Troughton the second Doctor had a few regular enemies on his hands, and those were the dreaded Yeti!

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Marvel Comics Wendigo His first appearance was in and even though this beast looks remarkably similar to Alpha Flight's Sasquatch, only in white, he does have his own set of powers and what not. The Hoth Wampa One of the most famous 'snow beasts' from the film world is most definitely the Hoth monster known as the Wampa. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor The Mummy franchise has done surprisingly well considering there's really not much to the acting and they're built solidly on special effects and not much else.

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